The STATIS PRO series was originally produced by Jim Barnes Midwest Research company.  Avalon Hill/Sports Illustrated bought out the company in the late 70's and they continued to produce STATIS PRO games into the 90s.  Rather than dice the random results were pulled from an original set of cards. STATIS PRO was actually my first experience with replay games so they hold a special spot for me. If you've never played one they are a lot of fun and although probably not as statistically accurate I think the game play flows better than strat-o-matic. 

Statis Pro NFL Football was probably given the most revisions of any game in the series.  The early Midwest Research versions had numerous changes from year to year, while the Avalon Hill versions seemed to have rules changes every year.  I guess this makes sense since the football game is by far the most complex of all the games issued and it took awhile to get it right.  It also required constant tweeking to keep up with changes in the sport itself.

midwest research statis pro football 1974 card

Overall I would say the player cards are in GOOD condition.  I have painstakingly created a master list of the teams included with every edition of the Statis Pro Football game.  I have inventoried and inspected each of the cards included with this game and compared them to my list, so I can say with certainly that this game contains a complete set of player cards and team line-up cards.  Each and every card has been accounted for. The cards represent the 1974 season.  Each card has the player uniform number written on it in colored pencil. A few cards were not cleanly separated causing some jagged edges.  None of the card results are affected.  Otherwise the cards are in great shape and show only light use.  I would grade the cards 3-4 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).

midwest research statis pro football 1974 teams

The other game parts are in GOOD-VERY GOOD condition.  The game has been verified to be complete, with all the parts included that you will need to play this edition of the game.  When I acquired the game it was missing the scoresheets and game summary sheets but I will include one of each so you can make copies.  The special charts booklet shows heavy wear and has some pencil notations and there are a few markings on the instructions as well. The game underwent some changes with this edition that are not entirely accounted for in the rules.  In general it has a "slapped together" feel.  Kind of like the RGI games of this period. For example the "Gain On Passes" chart for receivers is nowhere to be found, while the interceptor chart has been printed twice.  I guess somebody goofed. I am including a photocopy of the missing chart so you will have everything you need. Like I said, I went over it all very carefully and everything you need is here now.  Overall I would grade the game parts 3-4 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).

midwest research statis pro football parts 1974

The game box is in GOOD-VERY GOOD condition.  Other than the fact that it has suffered som sun fading in spots it's in good shape.  No writing or staining on the lid but the bottom has some pencil scribbles.  No splits.  I would grade it a 4-5 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).

midwest research statis pro football box

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Do you know that sinking feeling when you are in the middle of replaying a season or sequence of games only to find that the card for one of the key players is missing?  Well I have thoroughly inventoried this set and compared it to the roster list so you can be assured that you won't get that feeling while playing with this set.    Be sure to ask your card seller if they can guarantee that the card set is complete.  

I have also carefully inspected each and every card in order to determine the condition grade I have given to this set.  I do not feel that a cursory flipping through of the cards is adequate to determine the condition of a set - it is too easy to miss something.   Once again - always ask your card seller to verify that they have done a careful inspection of the condition of all the cards in the set before putting their grade on it.


MINT (10):
 I will only give this grade to brand new, unused items. NEAR MINT (9):  Shows virtually no use.  Seldom if ever played.  Cards will have at worst some dented corners from shuffling around in the box.  Perhaps some very light handling creases to the instructions or other minor flaws with the game parts.  Boxes will have only the slightest hint of shelf wear.   EXCELLENT (7-8): The game has seen some use but it was obviously well taken care of.  Cards may have denting to the corners, perhaps a few may have light stains or other very light handling wear but the vast majority will be close to flawless.  Game parts might have some light handling creases or other signs of careful use.  Board might have just a hint of color loss or dented corners.  Boxes will have light rubbing to the artwork or perhaps some minor dishing or a very light stain.   VERY GOOD (5-6):  The game was not especially well cared for but it still has faired pretty well.  Cards will have dented corners and perhaps some may have rubber band wear to the edges.  A few cards (less than 10%) may have handling creases, yellowing to the edges (a few may be yellowed on the faces), or light stains.  Perhaps a couple may have writing or some dried rubber band residue (this will be noted).  All card results will be fully readable.  Other game parts will show obvious use but nothing will be torn, badly stained or have any serious damage.  Box may have some rubbing, light staining, dishing, 1 or 2 neatly split corners, minor writing and/or a few pieces of tape.  No major structural damage and artwork will still be generally attractive.  GOOD (3-4): Obviously no care was taken with the game but it is still playable as is.  Cards will show moderate to heavy use and many will be yellowed, stained, creased, written on or have rubber band residue.  A couple may be torn and taped back together.    All card results will be fully readable.  Other game parts show considerable use but the game is complete with all parts in usable condition.  Box may have staining, writing, split corners, dishing and/or other structural damage but it will be intact and still usable.   POOR (1-2):  Only suitable to fill a space in your collection.  Cards are heavily worn and some are badly damaged.  Game will be missing parts (these will be noted).  Box will have serious damage and may be missing aprons or badly torn.

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